Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Hunter...

Hello everyone, Elin here.
This week we are inspiring you with a hunting/picking berries & mushroom theme, a real Autumn theme if you ask me. Here in Norway hunting is a big thing for many guys, and my man is one of them. From September 10th til December 23rd I am more or less single, while he is playing around in the woods! :-)
At least he looks da*n good doing it, so I had to document him:
  Riddersholm Design had the perfect paper for this project: Chanel. Since the picture has so many bright colours, I chose to keep it simple: I made white rings with a glass dipped in White Gesso. Some white wave carton and Jute Fabric is placed behind the photo, and I used a piece of Tulle Pleat Trim for some movement. The rings are pebbles cut out of a similar picture.
I used gesso around the picture edges to make a frame, and found some old charms laying in my drawer. You can find Deers and Bambi charms at the Live & Love Crafts store. The text is made with transparent dymo tape.

Thank you for checking in on us every now and then, and remember to check out this months' Challenge:
With Love,


  1. I agree, he does look good and this project looks good too! I love the way you have used those rings and the stamp. Grat work.
    Chris x

  2. Stunning Layout, everything fits together really perfect. Love the name of the paper (:o)

  3. Beautiful design, Elin. Love the rings you made with a glass, great idea!
    Hugs, Elizabeth