Thursday, March 28, 2013

2008 VS 2013

Hello everyone! Elin here.
 Glad to be back after my vacation, and oh my what a challenge we have got this week!
But I have to admit that this was rather fun!
I still have one of my first cards laying around, and it might come as a shock to you that back then when I started scrapping I was all about CAS (clean &simple)...
What, What, WHAT? :-)
That's not even remotely possible these days, with all the goodies Sandra has to offer in her store.

And as if that wasn't enough, I only made 15 x 15 cm, or 6 x 6 inch cards the first year.
I never do those anymore, but for today I've done the same size as back then.
AND to top it all, my first cards didn't have any images or sentiments.
Well, I had to put a sentiment on the new one, or I'd freak out...haha XD

Oh well...time to show you my old card and then go hiding under a table. :-)
Here is my old card from 2008:
...and here comes 2013:

 As you might notice, my taste of colours has changed a bit over the years.. What's up with all the red??
The past year I've been all about pinks, purples, brown and whites as you can see here:
Oh how I absolutly LOVE these bark hearts, they make my day for sure. The sentiment reads:
"Especially for you" and makes the card suitable for any occasion really.
The lovely butterfly is from Pion Design's last colletion: Almas.

Time to celebrate Easter here in Norway. I will be doing that by working loads, and eating loads of marzipan! And maybe I'll find some time to create too ;)

Thank you for stopping by.

Hugs & Kisses


  1. Absolutely stunning, the difference in your cards is amazing, today's card has a beautiful softness about it. I like your older one too, but prefer today's card. xxx

  2. WoW - So utterly beautiful and soft <3.... Hey your older card is lovely too. Hehe the very first cards I did were all CAS too... Jen xxx

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey... it's so amazing to see how people change as crafters and creatives - amazing remake!
    Alison x

  4. Wow, what a difference. Beautiful, when you mentioned you don't make 6x6 cards anymore you have had me intrigued for some time now. What size are your cards and the 3 punched layers are they part of the card or stuck on the top.
    I have wondered how you do the punched layers.
    Love your work

  5. Thank you so much girls, every comment makes me smile <3

    Angie; Im a huge fan of paperbags, and most of them are 4 x 6 inch. I also use some of them who are longer, but not sure the inch there.
    When it comes to the layers, I ofthen use a puncher on the top of the paperbag first, then I use the same puncher on the front panel. Finaly I always make a large tag to fith into the bag, and this one also get punched on the top.. so it looks like loads of layers ;) Thank you for your kind words!

  6. Do you have a tutorial on what you do or pictures of the inside to see how the base is done. Never done a paperbag card before and all the you tube ones seem to have a pocket on the inside flap but not from the top. Confused. So intrigued.
    Thanks Angie