Thursday, December 1, 2016

Save the Best for Last

Morning Crafters,
This year's last LLC challenge and the very last one we'll do is due to go live today.
However; it's been one of those know when ordinary life and other committments get in the way of crafting, so we're postponing the challenge for a couple of days.

Sorry about this; I promise it will be worth waiting for though. 
Since it is going to be the last last one, we have come up with a VERY SPECIAL THEME.
We have definitely "saved the best for last".
I'll say no'll just have to wait and see...hehe :-D

Hugz from Sandy & the Team


  1. so sorry that will no be more challenges and you are cloisng your store.

  2. Noooo! Really, Sandy??!! Are you closing the challenge totally? That is bad news indeed. So sorry to hear that :( As I'm sure you know, we've all loved it <3