Saturday, February 14, 2015

Childhood Sweethearts

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful valentine's & hope you are surrounded by love. This is the day to tell that special someone how much you love them............although please do it everyday........we can never hear 'I love you' too much can we.

Ok so as you know us girlies have the theme of Inspired By a Romantic Song/Film this week. My original one for today did not get finished in time boo hoo.......will show it you another time though.
So this was a emergency fall-back kinda creation lol.
Ok so the film that inspired me is called 'Childhood Sweethearts'........although I have to admit to never watching it!! I wanted a card to represent me & my hubster.........we were childhood sweethearts, I was 15 & he had just turned 18............So this is why I chose this film. I'm not really a sloppy film watching kinda gal tbh, I prefer action, thriller, zombies & vampires lol.......

The papers are older Pion ones but are just so so pretty, I love the softness of these ones. Of course as always all links will be at the bottom of the post.

This of course is the inside which I decorated as always. There is still a space to add which to write a message of course & there is a small space at the top for a small message or verse. Isn't this paper so pretty.

I lurve this glitter tulle & all women deserve some sparkle in their life dont you think girls ;-)

This card I thought would be perfect as an Anniversary card, showing you when you were in love when you were younger...........if you see the Tim Holtz pin on the left side, in it I have placed a small Cabochon I made a long time ago. The older woman in the cabochon is to portray a woman after many years together as they would no longer be childhood sweethearts...........although still very much in love.

Well thats it from me, I hope you all have a lovely valentine's weekend. We are having our grandchildren tonight so our son can spend a romantic night with his beautiful fiance. We celebrate ours on the 18th as that is our wedding anniversary.

Tatty bye, lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

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