Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shall we have Coffee?

Sandy here with some paper news. :-) Please scroll down to see Elin's gorgeous 2013 calendar.

Sticky Chocolate Cake, Blackberry Cookies, Blueberry Cinnamon Roll, Plum Cake, Oat Cookies,

Nope; we are not turning this blog into a blog about baking. :-)
These are actually some of the cookies and cakes that have given name to the different sheets of Maja Design's Coffee Collection - NOW AVAILABLE AT THE STORE!!!

However, the Coffe collection is not the only Maja Design collection that arrived today...

Maja Design's Christmas collection 2012 "It's Christmas Time" is now in stock and available for immediate shipping. All pre-orders (thank you!) will be shipped today.

Happy Shopping!



  1. Hold da op et skønt "kage bord" jeg blev både lækkersulten og kaffetørstig,og det nye Maja papir er så smukt. knus morkaren.

  2. Åh den där fika kollektionen är ju helt ljuvlig! Den kom innan min tid, därför jag inte känner igen den! kram L