Sunday, April 14, 2013

mmmm...maja goodies...

Hi and welcome LLC lovers :) 
Louise here :) 
We have had another amazing week go by with the most gorge projects created by my teamies. If you do as I say (lol!) and go back to check out the posts you will see both a beautiful package for a bottle of Baileys, a stunning lo and the most wonderful cards just to mention some of the goodies. They all showcase the Maja VSB collection cause that this weeks theme. Good news too, they are back in stock! 

Sometimes I get a little lost in all the card making and I just get an urge to do something different and that happened this week. So Ive made some paper cakes that I will use as a centerpiece at Ella's 1st birthday party. Its not until june but I like to work ahead ;) Lets start with the cupcake. 


I made this following the most amazing tutorial by a beloved friend, Debbie Dolphin (I don't need to write one more word about her awesomeness cause you all KNOW her ;)). It was published in an earlier edition of The Magnolia Ink magazine called Chocolate dreams. Thank you so much for sharing sweetie! 
So for the cupcake holder I cut it out using my silhouette Cameo. It actually shaped as a little princess crown but I see now its not visible in the pics. I also added ribbon and loads of flowers, heres a close up: 

And yes...the sauce on top...its is CHOCOLATE! ;) lol! It will eventually dry out. To match the cupcake I also decided to cut out a piece of cake. (also with my SC). I added a Magnolia sentiment on top, some flowers and lace and...chocolate sauce too ;)  

Here they are set to dry at the top of my kitchen shelf til june ;) 

I hope I got you all craving cake??
God knows I did ;) lol!
Thank you so much for looking :)
I hope you will be back tomorrow for a special treat from our very own Tracy.


  1. Oh, wow! That floral cupcake is something else - an amazing pair of makes!
    Alison x

  2. Cool!! just wonderful, I love your fab projects, that sauce is brilliant and I just want to bite into your cakes ;)
    Love, Mel. xxx

  3. Love them both, so jummjy and so less calories :), hugs, Marion

  4. Seen these over on FB they are a stunning set, absolutely love them. xxx