Thursday, April 4, 2013

Girlycard and a little treat!

Hello ladies, and maybe gentlemen too!
Elin with you today, bringing you a girly card which I have made for my niece's 8th birthday.
She's a mix between tough and absolute cute, so that's how my card ended up as well.

But before giving you any more details of my card, I have got a little treat for you!
As I have been getting rather many questions about my "Paperbag" cards, asking how I do it, I figured I'd give you a "mini - tutorial". So here comes Elin's Paperbagcard:

For those of you who wonder how it looks like in the beginning, here are the 4 types of bags I use the most. They got their opening on the top. The two on the left are flat on the bottom, so similar to a pocket. The two on the right can stand on their own if opened. 
 When I have chosen my bag, I cut it on top to the length I want and then I punch it. Keep in mind that some punches are sharper then others, and loads of details makes the punching harder. Also keep in mind that the thickness of the paperbag counts, mine are thin!
 When punched, I find a piece of kraft or bazzill and measure it so that it fits into the bag, to make a big tag inside it. Then I punch the top of the tag and cut at the bottom until I get the length I want.
Now you can use the same punch as on the bag, or any other punch you might like :)
When the tag is in the bag, it's time to decorate! And that is of course up to you;)
If you want to make a third border on the top, as I often do, just punch your design paper as well.

So there ya' go, my secret has now been revealed. :-) Haha! Not so hard, is it?!
As you can see on my card today, I used a star punch on the bag and the tag, and chose not to punch the design paper:
 It's not often you get to see cards with coloured images from me, but today I could not resist!
This motive from Kenny K was perfect for my niece, so I dusted my Promarkers and voilà .... LOL
I'm not going to brag as I am still learning and playing with my markers, but it's fun and that's what counts, isnt it?!!!
Now some details from my card and then I'll stop throwing pictures at you guys:
STARS! As that's the new hot thing, I had to buy myself a new set of dies yesterday.
Typically my Big Shot, bless him, gave up on me last night before I had the chance to try the new star dies, so these are HANDMADE :D The pearls are also kinda' handmade, as I used the Melissa Frances pearls and gave them a go with my promarkers to get the same color as my image.

Thank you for taking your time, if you did read all the way to the end?!
Hugs & Kisses



  1. I love your awesome combination of cool and sweet!, Elin I know my daughter would love a card like this! Fab coloring too, is there anything you can't Thanks for the tutorial. Nice to know one of the secrets to your beautiful creations! Hugs, Elizabeth x

  2. Delicious card.. and thanks for letting us in on the secret!
    Alison x

  3. Wow, what a great Card! Love the Image from Kenny K., and your colours are sooo wonderful!
    Lots of love

  4. Thank you so much, love the tutorial, I'm more of a visual learner so that is terrific, where do you source your bags from? I live in Australia so ill have to see what sizes I can find.
    Thanks again, love your work.

  5. Thanky you girls :) I get my bags from, there is all kind of sizes and you get many for a ok price.