Saturday, November 22, 2014

The gnomes are back :-)

Here I am, back agian with my Norwegian gnomes! Like I told you last week one of the symbols of Christmas in Norway is the small gnomes. Before people belived that the gnomes lived outside in the nature, and to please the gnome they put out a bowl of porrigde in the barn on Christmas Eve.

This little gnome is my ultimate symbol of Christmas! Few days ago I heard that somebody thought this gnomes look like old, ugly men. That's not true!!! They are soooo cute :-)
The gnomes on the image are drawn by the Norwegian artist Kjell Midthun.

I have used papers from Maja Design's new collection "A Gift for You" together with burlap trim, lace, stars, charms and a bell.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend.... and remember, be kind to the small gnome if you meet him out in the nature :-)


  1. Gnomes ROCK!!!!! I love a good gnome! garden is full of them!!! just absolutely beautiful. I love this!!! xx

  2. Gorgeous card and design and I love the gnomes. Thanks for sharing this lovely traditional story so lovely love and hugs Carole x

  3. This is Beautiful!!... Is it a stamp or a cut out image?. He should make a stamp out of it.. If he hasn´t already!!.. Beautiful!!

  4. It's a image I cut out of a postcard Sol. I don't belive they are made stamps of, but agree with you, he really should :-) You can also find his drawings on Pinterest. Thank you all for nice comments, it's so inspiring that you like my cards!

  5. Lige sådan forestiller jeg mig også de små nisser, de er så søde som små børn med langt skæg, du har lavet et dejligt kort, med fin sammensætning af pynt, farver og nissebilled. knus morkaren.

  6. Stunning card! Love the vintage feel of it and I adore your little Tomtens!!