Friday, June 22, 2012

Sneak Peek #4 Bling It and Pin It!

 Good Evening,

I'd like to start by wishing you all a nice weekend. For me, it's going to be a very busy one. Today I finished uploading the last of the products to the Live & Love Crafts' store. This weekend we're doing the final tweaking and testing of the website, and if Tech Support/Web Development (a.k.a Hubby) :-) is happy with the technical performance of the site, we're opening the doors on Monday morning!!!

Now over to the less good news;

To My Canadian and American Friends,
I'm ever so sorry having to disappoint you, but Live & Love Crafts will initially not be able to ship to your countries. Believe me; there's nothing else that I'd rather do than supplying you with the beautiful and unique Scandinavian scrapbooking papers that I know you all adore and that are so hard to get your hands on over on the other side of the pond. The reason for this are the strict Canadian and American liability laws, which causes the Insurance Premiums to skyrock. I do hope though in the near future, once Live & Love Crafts is established, to ship also to the US and Canada and that you nevertheless will continue to follow this blog and take part in our monthly challenges. Should you be one of the lucky random winners, there's nothing preventing me from sending gifts to US and Canadian friends, right?! :-) Thanks for your understanding.

 Time to Bling It On:

In stock @ Live & Love Crafts; Vintage Buttons from Maya Road:

Melissa Frances Scrapbooking Broaches
Maya Road Vintage Trinket Pins

Hope you adore the products as much as I and the Design Team do.
I'll be back with one last sneak peek tomorrow!

Hugz, Sandy

...and finally: Happy Midsummer to all of my fellow Scandinavians!


  1. Gosh I have everything crossed for the doors opening on Monday!!!! These are all so lush I think I may need to rob a bank just don't tell anyone!!! lol Chanelle xxx

  2. Oh Sandy, my purse is already crying! lol ! So very nice things will be in your shop. I'm longing for monday.
    Hugs Elfi

  3. Wow wow wow, awesome products, your good at tempting us lol, did you get my e-mail hun? hugs Liz xx

  4. Oh I am sooothrilled about this. As long I haven't found these adorable pearl-pins, broaches and buttons - I should not forget to breath!