Sunday, February 10, 2013

Book card with preggy Tilda and of course some Alma too ;)

Good morning LLC lovers! 
Its me Louise , another week has come and gone and Im happy to be here with you all again to share my creation and love for LLC stuffy stuff. But first of all I need to say a HUGE thanks for all the AMAZING support I get from all of you. Both here, on Facebook and also on Instagram. You all know Sandy started an account there too ha? If you want to hop along you can find us here (this is if you are on Instagram) 

Our amazing teammate Elin has challenged us all to make a book card. don´t want to miss out on the beyond gorge creations that has been published earlier so take a look. We have all been following the stunningly easy tutorial that can be found in Wenches beautiful blog. 

Another one of my lovely friends in blogland is celebrating her birthday this week. Maybe my choice of Tilda might give you a clue to whom Im referring to? YES, you are right! Of course its the utterly talanted and unbelievably cute Camilla. I do hope this little gift arrives in her mailbox before she sees it here ;) lol! By the way, if you scroll down here amongst my pictures to the very last one you can find proof of how much I adore Camillas creations. Its been a while since I saw the most amazing book card in her blog here and Ive been wanting to make a flower heart like that ever since. So cute! Thanks for always being so inspiring Camilla. 
Let me tell you...since I joined the LLC team Ive become even more addicted to lovely embellies. I tend to add even more! I didnt think I could but Sandy stocks so many wonderful items in the LLC store I simply cant help my self. Less isnt more I believe - more is more! rofl! 
As always you can see the list of items used at the end of my post here. I hope Camilla will treasure this. 

Thanks for being here today! 
Enjoy your day! 


  1. This is so beautiful,so much to look at,and so beautifully embellished.Jacqueline.S

  2. This is such a beautiful card. Love it. Those beautiful collors and embleshments are beautiful in it.

    Hugs Mariska

  3. I do say only one word: amazing!

  4. Thank you so much everybody!
    I really treasure your comments!
    Hugs, Louise

  5. Hi Louise, thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog the other day. It meant alot to me. I think this book is just gorgeous. Did you know you could out do yourself. I think you have. I'm sure Camilla will love it. Sending a big hug.