Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Becky's Book Card

Hi everyone, as you know Elin has set us all the challenge of following Wenche's book card tutorial. When I first saw we were doing this I initially looked forward to it, but then I started to panic a touch, I don't do things other than cards, so I then thought as I'm way out of my comfort zone I may as well do something that isn't me at all. I make cards as I colour images, and as this wasn't strictly a card I thought I'd try this....

Another photo heavy post from me, there's just so many angles to try and get. When Grace, my daughter, was smaller I cut her fringe and kept it, I knew then I wanted to do something special with it and I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I'm going to be keeping this in my drawer and give her it when she's 18 this is why I've tried to keep the front a bit flat.

I've used some of the gorgeous new Pion papers and sewn all of the panels. I really enjoyed making this, I changed the measurements slightly though.

It's not often that I'll photo the back of a project, but I had to share this angle too.

Here is Grace's hair, she's only 5 at the moment, so I'm hoping in 13 years time she still likes my creations.

There is nothing on the inside cover yet, I'm going to be writing on there for Grace, and it's going to be just for us.

Here's a small collage as I could put even more pictures on, lol.

Come back tomorrow when Elin will have her take on the tutorial for us.


Becky x


  1. I am loving these book cards, they are so beautiful and inspirational. I note that a couple of the ladies making them have changed the dimensions, could you let us know what they are? I would really like to have a go at making one of these! Get me feeling crafty brave lol.
    They are just so stunning, thank you for sharing and inspiring
    Sharon x

  2. Won-der-full! Imagin I'm crying the word. So Amazing and a lovely idea.
    Hugs Elfi

  3. how gorgeous is this....inspirational

  4. Oh wow own that's a beautifully thing you have made. You are very talented indeed xx

  5. Absolutely beautiful, this will be treasured for ever by Grace.