Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Linneaus Botanical Journal (or Journey?)

 Good Eve,
Sandy here as usual on a Tuesday to post Tina's card.
This week the DT are showcasing the new beautiful Summer collection from Pion Design - Linneaus Botanical Journal.

Carl Linneaus or Carl von Linne, as he later, after his ennoblement became known as, was a Swedish botanist, most known for his work of identifying, naming and classifying organisms.
During my early school years, I recall that we read a lot about him and the many expeditions he undertook. And this is the very reason why I always think of the collection as Linneaus Botanical Journey, and I've caught myself writing it incorrectly quite a few times already. :-)

Anywho; Linneaus Botanical JOURNAL is a stunning collection in pretty pastels.
Tina opted for light blue;
Thanks for your visit!
Hugz from Sandy & Tina