Thursday, December 18, 2014

Did someone say...

...fussy and fancy?!!!
Since I haven't had time to make many Christmas cards during the year, I'm currently doing marathon sessions, desperately trying to catch up. :-) It's looking rather bleak at the moment with seven left to make, but we shall see... LOL

Anywho; with so few days left til Christmas and last recommended posting dates hoplessley missed (by a week or so...) it would be beneficial to create some quick and easy cards, however that's very difficult if you have LLC's whole stash to play with. :-)

So fussy and fancy it is! I've been a good in the making of seven cards; I've strictly used paper left overs, no new sheets, nono, but today temptation got the better of me...
Whilst in the storage room, picking orders, I glanced one time too many at the new Nyhavn collection...

No ~jingle~bells ringing?
No wonder; it's a brand new Summer Collection from Maja Design!!! :-)
Nyhavn, which consists of 12 different 12x12 inch sheets is a LIMITED EDITION.

This is how my card turned out...

Always loved 1905 from the Summer Basics collection, so this new sheet "Sitting at the dock" is right up my street. The lace borders, the frame, and the insert were all ciut from "Strolling along the Canal". The image is from an old Inkido sheet, which has sold out, but if you're into angels, please checkout the recently arrived Angels sheet from Sagen Vintage Design.

 I have a thing for making criss cross cards at the moment, so I thought I'll show you another one I made:
For this card I've used "Winter 12x12", which is from my favourite Christmas collection ever, Pion Design's "Silent Night" from 2012. There simply nothing that compares to this collection's softness!
Also this image is from Inkido.

Here's a little collage with some close up pics;
Now I better get back to my production; I'll try harder to be less fussy. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by,

Sandy xxx



  1. Beautiful criss cross cards both of them! God Jul och Gott Nytt År til dig :D
    Take care and hugs from Minna

    1. Thank you Minna; same to you.
      Hyvää joulua!!!
      Sandy xxx

  2. I just adore this card and I can see the resin angels are next on my shopping list.xx

    1. Thank you Annie ;unfortunately the resin angels are sold out and Prima has discontinued them. Sorry about that. :-( Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you & yours! /Sandy