Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gardening Jessie

Hi everyone! It's Alyce here! So the theme this week is Autumn and you are going to be wondering probably why I've picked a gardening card for you all this week. So gardening and I have a bit of a story... you see... I'm BAD at gardening. Very bad. But every year around my birthday (in March which is Autumn in Australia), for some reason my partner and I decide to do some gardening. We go and buy a whole bunch of plants for my birthday... spend ages planting them...realise how silly we have been as yes it is Autumn and they will all die in Winter...but we get a few months of pretty flowers for my birthday :D LOL!!! We've done this two years in a row now! So I thought this was a funny one to have a bit of a story :)

Here is my card using Gardening Jessie by Little Darlings Rubber Stamps.

Autumn in Australia is not orange like I see in the pretty pictures everywhere.... So I've celebrated by doing her hair in orange but have kept the rest of the card quite muted like how I would think of Autumn :) Papers are from Vintage Autumn Basics from Maja Designs.
Hope you've enjoyed my funny card today. Have a wonderful day!

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