Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another (Magnolia) princess visits Sofiero

Hi there LLC friends and followers! 

Louise here with you today and this week is all about our fav color combos. Well..I knew it had to involve pink cause otherwise it just wouldn't be me ;) I've worked a lot with the amazing Sofiero paper collection from Maja Design lately and it involves a lot of green as well and since I love the papers so much green is growing on me. 

I've once again chose to work with a little Magnolia princess. My inking is done with my Copics and is hugely inspired by my lovely, very treasured friend Jane of Jane´s lovely cards. I'm so impressed with the way she inks and 'Ive been wanting to have a go at her technique for a while. She explained it to me and it was noooooot easy. Mine doesn't resemble hers a lot but I'm pleased anyways. My Copic inking is hopefully improving a bit because I practice a lot ;) 

The papers are by Maja Design and it's a limited edition collection so if you haven't bought yours yet you should before Sandra runs out! 

Since I'm such a sucker for flowers I´ve been going a little nuts using the new WOC flowers that are new in stock! Omgosh! Sandra bought all the right ones! :) YAY!! 

And there are two more items I feel I have to mention; look at that amazing little cloudberry! I'ts eye-catching - love it! And that beyond beautiful princess rhinestone charm was just a must on here. Let me tell you it involved some serious "am I going to use it or not" issues. If i used it I wouldn't have it anymore and then I realized I can just buy a new one! lol ;) 

I hope you liked today's make! 
Lots of love, 

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